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2022 Litters

We have a few litters planned for 2022. We listed our future planned matings for 2022 and will keep you up to date with puppies as they are born. The best way to keep informed is follow our Facebook page.

All matings are subject to change.

We are no longer receiving any application until we are able to fulfill most of the ones we already have. Thanks so much for your interest.

Our next litter is coming soon !!!!

Meet Vienna and Furbo. Vienna is our newest addition, a recent import. She was mated to Furbo and is due May 14.


We are planning to mate Jonny to Tereza in Summer of 2022

Planned mating for summer 2022


Planned mating for Fall 2022

We are planning to mate Queen to Jonny in the summer or Fall of 22.


Planned mating for Fall 2022

We are planning to mate Oliva to Samson in or around August 21

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