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Listed below are dogs that we have either owned or had litters with in the past. 

Past Dogs

We owned Korsa Earl Antonius in 2017. We had one litter with her. 

Zoe was our first rottweiler we owned. She had 4 litters. One of those puppies was Callie.

We used Toni for 3 litters of puppies with Zoe. He is the father to Callie

Flagon is a Champion serbian dog. He was the father of a litter with Korsa.

Sherman Od Dragicevica was the father of 2 litters. He had a litter with Sabrina and a litter with Callie.

We used Smokey to stud one litter with Zoe. 

Sabrina had 2 nice litters for us. She is the Daughter of Astor Von Junipera. She now lives with a local police officer!


After having complications with her 3rd litter, we decided to retire her from breeding and gave her to a new home where she is well loved!

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